Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Complaint Management System

An apt definition of a successful organization is, 'the one which is making success in terms of revenues, profits, employee happiness and most importantly customer satisfaction'. Not every client is same, each individual has a limited set of requirements and depending on them are their responses. Therefore, it becomes cumbersome to make sure that every client is held completely satisfied with services being offered.

At this time there comes the requirement of online reputation management. A reasoned client is not concerned with organization's success or failure, he is rather, only worried about the quality of service he/she is availing or product he/she is buying. And being clear-eyed in all senses, he can change his mind at last moment. Therefore, it becomes imperative to make sure that all positive reviews and feedbacks remain above and all negative, if any, are managed to stay grounded. And, this is what we, at SynapseIndia, are engaged in doing for our clients.

Another major task, we are involved into is Complaint Management System. An extensive system in which we have been handling the customer complaints and reviews for services and products they have been availing from our clients. Not only complaints management, but ensuring a good online reputation of brand is equally important for us. This can be done only by using effective methodologies, and an integral complaint handling software is critical to achieve this goal.

Our approach towards handling customers complains include,
  • In our complaint management, we log and flag the complaints into the multi-user database for appropriate action.
  • Communication with customer regarding complains and concerns is recorded.
  • All financial transactions are rendered after a thorough analysis.
  • Examination of product, customer and complaint type is done extensively so as to head off the potential customer care.
All this is done to make sure that the rational customer, who becomes whimsical after going through any negative review, is retained with the organization. Understanding the fact, that a happy organization is the one with happier employees, we also provide multiple effective and result-oriented solutions for employee complaints' redressal.

A systematized approach towards handling customer complaints increases the level of customer care, customer satisfaction, accurate audit trail, financial assessment of cost of complaint as well as early detection of forthcoming potential complaints.

Adding to this, we have been developing solutions to handle complaints and negative reviews through integrated tracking and reporting. These complaint softwares significantly improves the company's quality performance by enabling them to steadily respond to the complaints.

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